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"Creating Timeless Beauty"

Our Story

Beauty Atelier raises the bar bringing innovation and personalization to Semi Permanent Makeup, Brow Grooming, Eyelash Extensions, production of Medical Grade products with a state of the art Semi Permanent Makeup academy. We are focused on the art of facial balancing and our diverse team of artists have perfected the art to ensure optimum results.


We go above and beyond in order to show our clients why we’re the best option for their needs, which include special features to ensure their top satisfaction. Read below to learn more, and contact us with questions.


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Thank you very much, I really enjoyed my lash nap and as a first time getting lash extensions done, I absolutely love it and I've gotten a few "did you do your lashes, its so natural?", "your natural lashes are beautiful" and I keep telling them its not mine. I really really love it. Thank you again. 

Celina Ikoro

Thank you very much for the opportunity to give feedback on my experience at Beauty Atelier. I had a very pleasant experience from start to finish. From the friendly countenance of Favour at the reception desk to my session with Chichi, I knew I had made the right choice for where to get my brows done. Chichi made me feel at ease, answered all my questions during the consultation, gave pertinent information about post treatment care, maintained a warm professional demeanor. 

The best part has been there compliments I have been receiving from various people I've come in contact with after getting my brows done ... "your brows are beautiful", "your brows look so nice", "you have perfectly shaped brows" etc. 

Overall, I am vert satisfied and glad that I had my brows done at Beauty Atelier.

Buki Adenuga

Trust you and your family are doing great. I wish I could express my satisfaction on pen and paper. I sincerely mean every word and appreciate you.I love seeing young people that are good at what they do yet humble and with high family values. I perceived all that and more in the few hours I spent with you. I will definitely send you a picture in 4 weeks. be rest assured that I will blow your trumpet very loud here in Abuja.

Thank you for your prayers. Have an amazing Sunday and God bless.

Nkonyelu Adapoyi

Hello BA, here goes my feedback: 

I'm super impressed and got nothing less than the recommendations I heard before coming from Abuja. Just my kind of person, very real and natural and professional to the core. Talk about people being mega good at what they do.

My first experience was zero compared to the excellent service I received at BA, painless procedure and the perfect eyebrow solution for a face that has become used to no makeup. I highly recommend every staff I met at BA, the warm welcome made me feel at home. Please keep being you and my prayers is that God will cause you to dine with kings and not mean men just as he has promised to reward diligence.

Thank you BA.



Inside  Beauty Atelier

We are committed to providing the highest quality of learning and professional training in the permanent makeup industry to help you begin or improve your career.

We are dedicated to the advancement and empowerment of permanent makeup professionals by promoting and providing high quality, hands-on educational certification courses in order to develop mastery of skills, delivery of safe and effective treatments.

Our primary goal has always been to maintain high standards in our training programs and to offer fair and competitive pricing without diminishing our high standard.

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